Inspiration… motivation… dedication

So in one of my earlier posts, I talked about my need to go to the  gym. How it becomes a new years resolution and how it never works out.  This year it started differently…

I have been  consistently at least 2 times a month. You may laugh, but it’s  something. Only problem is I haven’t been there in about a month and a  half now. Not so cool. My question is, what keeps you inspired,  motivated and dedicated to something? I’m actually out of ideas now…  please help…

Cleaning out my closet…

In High School, Eminem / Slim Shady was big. If you weren’t quoting  him in your English orals, your life was just meaningless. He was angry  with the world, angry with his mother, angry with Britney Spears, angry  with life and cared only for his daughter. Suddenly everyone I knew  started becoming angry with everyone, and started throwing in random  vulgarities within sentences that were completely meaningful without  them. Like someone walking up to you and saying “I’m having an *&^(%  good day (*&(&), but that (&)(*& teacher did me so  (*&^(*&^ wrong by £()($%% failing me on that *()&&*^  test I didn’t ££$*&£ study for. Does that make sense to you? Didn’t  really make sense to me either.

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Where, O Logic, is your sting?

When I was 13, in grade 7, I had the perfect game strategy to get  whatever girl I wanted at the time. It was so simple. All you had to do was to stand. Stand somewhere in her proximity. Preferably wearing the latest fashionable shoes (it was the latest trainers then with the  graphic on the side). And the latest Axe deodorant (it was called Ego then). I think it was Ego African Amber at the time. From this point, what would happen is she would see me from 50m away, walk up to me, and tell me how she’s completely attracted to me, and thinks I’m irresistibly attractive. Makes complete sense right? I mean, why wouldn’t this possibly work? I was fully convinced that this was  a fail-proof strategy. May explain why I got rejected twice that year.  (Maybe I should have used Brut spray instead of Axe. I think that’s what all the 13 year old players used at the time. I think that’s what  Justin Bieber uses now).

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6 steps to becoming part of the broke middle class

Are you tired of having to live a responsible life and be disciplined  with your finances? Are you tired of preparing for the future, and  making sure you have enough for tomorrow? Do you want to live in the  now!? A life of temporary freedom and fun!? If that’s you, this post is  for you!!!

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Dreaming in slow motion

Lots of kids have interesting dreams of what they would like to be  when they grow up. Some little boys dream of being firefighters,  policemen, sportsmen, or hip hop video stars. Little girls dream of  being princesses, 50 cent video girls, baby mamas, and the like. (I  actually don’t know what little girls dream of becoming. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not a little girl, and therefore did not have the dreams that little girls have). What did I want to  become: A computer programmer!

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Boot Camp

Moving to Johannesburg has been interesting. New sites and new  sounds. New weaves (people, there is actually a LARGE variety) and new  faces.

Arriving here was an  interesting challenge. I am generally a socialite, except in unfamiliar  ground. I kind of shrink back because I don’t know how people may  respond to my random comments, or if they will even like me. For some  reason, it’s difficult to be myself completely.

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Personal Hygiene

I’m a private guy.  I don’t like being vulnerable  in public, and I don’t like doing things that I would normally be doing  in private, in a public area. I think that just opens you up to a whole  lot of public attention and public scrutiny. Why do I think this?  Because this is what I do in public places. Especially in one of the  public places that I avoid the most, where people are forced to do  things they should only do in private: THE PUBLIC TOILET!

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The Man

I enjoy music. I enjoy music a whole lot. Music has the ability to completely change my mood and alter my thoughts.

Growing  up, I used to listen to the good stuff, you know, Nat King Cole, Frank  Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, you know, the sounds of the  sounds of the upper class who have enough taste and class to enjoy this  kind of sound…

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Greener Grass

When my family moved to South Africa in 1989, we got a cream Toyota  Corolla. It was hot. So so so hot. I remember when I first got the  “privilege” of washing the car. I say privilege carefully because as  young kids we were always looking to take up responsibility. Once it  becomes a chore, we become so over it. Anyway, after washing it, each  and every time I would stop and say WOW. This car is amazing… Shining  like new. Reaching supersonic speeds of 180 km/h. Cassette player. AM/FM  Radio. Wow, absolutely amazing. It doesn’t get better than that. (Yes  ladies and gentlemen, I made it through the stone age).

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Weight Training

So I go to gym. I’ve been going to gym since high school. That’s why I am so hot, built and sexy.

Actually,  thats a lie I tell everyone I meet for the first time. If you see me,  you’ll know I’m not really built (hot and sexy still apply though). At  the beginning of every “season” in my life, I look around me, and it  seems like everyone is getting bigger. Problem is, I’m not getting  bigger. One of the biggest lies that guys say all the time is that they  go to gym to stay healthy. If you really wanted to stay healthy, you  wouldn’t do half the things you do. The real reason guys go to gym is  that everyone is getting bigger, and a situation might arise that there  might cause a confrontation with these bigger guys. If you’re the  smaller guy, you are going to be re-engineered. You will be beaten. 3  year old kids will laugh at you. Your dog will leave you because it’s  too embarassed to be walked by you on the road. When all the other dogs  are barking, they’re not really barking. They too are laughing.

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