Boot Camp

Moving to Johannesburg has been interesting. New sites and new  sounds. New weaves (people, there is actually a LARGE variety) and new  faces.

Arriving here was an  interesting challenge. I am generally a socialite, except in unfamiliar  ground. I kind of shrink back because I don’t know how people may  respond to my random comments, or if they will even like me. For some  reason, it’s difficult to be myself completely.

Anyway,  I met a guy at church. Cool guy. Wouldn’t mind becoming good friends  with this guy. One day during the week, I see him walking reading his  cellphone, and I asked him what he’s doing. He tells me he’s reading the  bible. He has this plan where he reads a chapter of Proverbs every day,  so that in a month he can go through the whole book (31 chapters in  Proverbs). I thought to myself, WOAH, this guy is deep.

So  I tried to be deep and do the same thing. April 7th, Proverbs 7 (this  is actually a random date and has no real significance). It’s rather  hard getting into the habit of something. But one of the things I saw is  Proverbs is a deep book.

Reading through it, the  recurring themes of hard work and discipline seem to come up.  Apparently, those things take you far in life, like guns and women (at  least thats what I’m told by gangster rap). Now discipline is definitely  something I’m not good at. Last year, I had this plan that I’m going to  make my bed everyday when I wake up, and keep my room clean. My  flatmate said it would last 2 weeks, and I’d get over it… and guess  what. I WON!!! It lasted 2 and a half weeks SUCKER!

Hard  work has also been something that’s not habitual for me. Sometimes the  world is unfair, and so far, I’ve been on the favorable side of the  unfairness. I went through school and university relatively easily. I  could put in less hours than the average, and achieve good results. When  I started working, that came back to bite me. I hadn’t built up the  necessary work ethic, and my ability to understand easily, which got me  through my educational years wasn’t enough (it’s kinda funny how one  year you’re seen as a legend because you’re killing it academically, but  a few months later you’re seen as a lazy fool because you struggle  sitting down and working for more than 30 minutes). Work ethic is now  something I wish I had formed earlier in my life, so that I wouldn’t  have to try and learn the habit now.

So what have I  decided to do now? I have decided to start being disciplined, even in  the small things. This means in the morning, less snoozing. Wake up,  make my bed and make sure I leave my flat in a desirable state. In the  evening, make sure I’ve washed up dishes and left the flat in a decent  state. At work, spend less time on Facebook and YouTube and actually do  what I’m meant to do. Disciplines built up in the small things will  become easier in the big things.

Why am I telling the  whole world this? It’s easy to say to myself, “Today, I’m a new man. No  more I tell you. NO MORE! From now on, I’ll wake up at 3:30, have my God  time for 2 hours, go to gym for 1 and work my butt off at work until my  head is steaming” (which is a completely impractical reality for me).  But if I tell the world, everyone is keeping me accountable to the words  I’ve said and goals I’ve set.

So what do you think? Do you need more discipline in your life? Do you think this is an overshare?

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