Cleaning out my closet…

In High School, Eminem / Slim Shady was big. If you weren’t quoting  him in your English orals, your life was just meaningless. He was angry  with the world, angry with his mother, angry with Britney Spears, angry  with life and cared only for his daughter. Suddenly everyone I knew  started becoming angry with everyone, and started throwing in random  vulgarities within sentences that were completely meaningful without  them. Like someone walking up to you and saying “I’m having an *&^(%  good day (*&(&), but that (&)(*& teacher did me so  (*&^(*&^ wrong by £()($%% failing me on that *()&&*^  test I didn’t ££$*&£ study for. Does that make sense to you? Didn’t  really make sense to me either.

So  this Eminem guy came up with this song called Cleaning Out My Closet. Apparently it was very dirty. I think his mother was hiding there and  she hadn’t showered for a couple of months. That was what I gathered  from the song the 1 or 2 times I listened to it. I remembered the song  and thought to myself… let me see whats lurking in my closet…

People  who meet me for the first time are surprised to find out that I tend  towards any religious orientation. I’ve heard the “Wow, I thought you  were atheist” line too many times in my life. Those who know me more  would put me into the “Religious” box (to qualify for this box, you have  to attend some church related activity at least 3 times a week, jump up  and down on Sundays at church, and play the guitar).

When  starting this blog, there were many directions I could take it in.  Previously I had a blog which was heavy on the religious side, almost  like a paraphrase of the bible. When starting this one, I wanted to make  it more “relevant” to the masses who weren’t necessarily at the extreme  of my religious persuasion… The reason I did this will be explained at  the end of this post, and you’ll agree with me…

To all those who are in doubt, I am a Christian. I do love Jesus. My first post, Outsourcing Life,  came from the realisation that too many times people (including myself  sometimes) base their ideas about God on what they’ve heard on the  street, or what they’ve seen on TV, or even what some guy on the pulpit  says, but never take the time to personally search for the Truth because  it’s left to someone else. The next post, Ceteris Paribus, was based on the view that too many times we live for the now, and not for future, and eternity. Next there was Will The Real Patty Please Stand Up,  which was based on the foundation that my uniqueness is a product of  God’s creativity, and trying to be anything or anyone else would be an  insult to His creativity. Weight Training came from looking at where God has taken other people in terms of their  career, their devotion to Him, their relationships etc, and wanting  that without going through the journey that He has taken them through. Greener Grass from a similar place: desiring coveting other people’s stuff instead of  being fully satisfied in Christ. Fast forward, skip a few and the most  recent one about Logic,  was based on the foundation that the God is at the root of all wisdom,  and any logic built up on any other foundation is flawed. May be  cleverly sounding, but it’s flawed.

Now to the reason I  went this direction… If I started each and every post with a heavy  doctrinal statement, you as the reader automatically put it into a box.  So, people who are of a similar persuasion may automatically assume what  I’m saying is deep, when it actually isn’t, and may not use their minds  to reason and possibly disagree with what I’ve written. People who are  not of a similar persuasion may put it in the “Religious” box and read  what I’ve said through their paradigm of religion. Did you do that as  you read through the “deeper meaning” of each of the posts? If you did,  I’m a genius. If you didn’t, I’m still a genius.

It’s  like Jesus on the sermon on the mount. Talking about everyday things in  everyday language. And people thought that he too was a drunkard and all  that other stuff… So I guess I’m kinda safe.

What do you think?

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