Slow Superstardom

Confession, growing up, I always wanted to be a musician. Whatever  form that took, it’s just what I wanted to be. Bigger confession: at  first I wanted to be in a boyband. I mean, when girls watched them on  TV, they went crazy, and started screaming their names out loud saying:  JUSTIN! JC! LANCE! JOEY! CHRIS! WE LOVE YOU! (I didn’t just recite the  names of all members of ‘n sync from memory. No I didn’t. I said I  DIDN’T!). After that, wanted to be an R’nB superstar. After that I  wanted to be the illest MC from the east coast (I’m not really sure what  east coast and west coast is, but apparently they are important in hip  hop for reasons only known to Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, whatever  happened to them).

I look  at the lights, and the cameras, and the action, and the influence, and  the tour bus, and the free Louis Vuitton underwear, and I wonder, wow,  what a life! That’s exactly what I want for me: grace the stage and spit  lyrical to the hundreds of brainwashed idolatrous fans screaming: PATTY  K! PATTY K! PATTY K! Oh the picture is so sweet. After this run to my  hotel room with some bottles of soda water and get into an exciting  thrilling round of 30 seconds. TIME! Doesn’t one just love it.

But  the road to the top is filled with potholes. Yes, it goes through  Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. Big potholes. The size that hosts their own  ecosystem and haven’t been fixed in years (if anyone reading this works  for any municipal office in Mthatha, I am judging you!)

So  in the past few days, been reading of this guy David who once ruled  over Israel. David is an average shepherd. Yes, he looks after sheep.  And plays a harp. The modern equivalent would be working in a bank and  playing a guitar. While herding the sheep, he encounters lions and bears  and other vicious animals, and defeats them in attempt to protect his  sheep. Then this giant called Goliath comes and starts taunting the  Israelites. Like an over-sized version of that stupid mosquito that  wouldn’t leave me alone last night. And David gets irritated, and  defeats this beast in an attempt to save the Israelites. Then he fights  in the king Saul’s army, and consistently shows himself, rising up the  ranks. Then like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of his  lives, and drama happens. Eventually, he’s king.

One  thing I noticed about that is consistency. Someone isn’t going to become  a self-made millionaire by sitting in his room with his boys, doing  nothing but rating women and chatting about how one day they will be  self-made millionaires. Someone isn’t going to become a worldclass  musician by talking about how they’re going to buy a guitar one day, and  never doing anything like actually buying the guitar and practising.  Someone isn’t going to graduate top of the class by drawing up a study  timetable one day, and feeling warm and fuzzy about having a timetable  but never following it. And someone wouldn’t have become king by just  sitting around and waiting for his fairy godmother to arrive to wave her  wand and nationalise all the mines in the land and give them to him  (you get the point).

Greatness is built by consistency.  We often see the public victories but those are won over a countless  number of private victories. It’s built over time, and with hard work.  So if you want to be an entrepreneur, start by being entrepreneurial  wherever you are, whether it be in a bank, church, post office or the  ANCYL. If you want to be a musician, start practising and getting  trained. If you want to have a strong intimate relationship with Jesus,  start by doing the normal every day things. And if you want to be a  strong, dark, handsome, intelligent gentleman, umm… sorry, but that’s  reserved for me.

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