In The Way of All Men

So rumour has it every kid has a superhero they want to be like one  day. Every kid wants to fly like Superman, ride the Batmobile like  Batman and have those Spidey Senses like Spiderman. But my superhero was  different.

In high school,  I was one of the masses who were into the DragonBall Z craze. Actually,  every kid I knew was into the DragonBall Z craze. The streets of the  small town I grew up in were actually completely empty at 16h30 when the  words “Last time on DragonBall Z” came. Even those stray dogs were in  front of the television. And I was there, waiting for my hero, the  Saiyan prince – Vegeta. That Goku guy that everyone seemed to like was  just toooo cheesy. The nice guy, with a nice cheesy smile, with the nice  cheesy white teeth, and just plain nice and cheesy. Nice is boring.

Funny  thing is that even as I grew older, there were also superheroes I look  up to. These may not be cartoon characters, but are still men who have  qualities I like, and whose favourable characteristics I attempt to  emulate in my own life. And interestingly, so does everyone else.

Problem  is, somewhere along the line, the definition of what a real man is  changed. It actually really irritates me when a man is applauded for  having as many women as possible, sleeping around with 6.4 women a week,  drinking until he can’t walk, running away from the cops, and all that  stupidity, and then we call them real man. Somehow characteristics such  as taking responsibility for actions, walking with integrity and  protecting women are no longer praised, and what is praised is running  away from responsibility, lying, debauchery, and objectifying women. And  we see this, and we smile and we say “Yeah, he’s a bawse”.

We  look at rap-stars who are “making it rain” no matter what the means,  and we want to be like them. We look at fools who lead women on just to  massage their bloated egos and we praise them encouraging it. We praise  people who have rebelliously dropped out of school and are “hustling the  streets”, and we look down on those who work hard in school,  university, and whatever other context their in.

A man  is not measured by the size of his wallet, or the size of his rims. A  man is not measured by the female trail he has, or the number of times  he has evaded the cops. A man is measured by his character, and too  often we have little irresponsible boys running around parading as men.  Ladies have been hurt because boys are parading as men. Societies have  been fractured because tiny insecure little boys are parading as men.  And the worst thing of all? These boys become the superheroes of a  younger generation, who too aspire to be oversized boys! And the cycle  continues.

Now truth is, I’m not claiming superiority  over anyone else. I too have made stupid decisions when relating females  and hurt the very ladies I’m meant to be protecting by objectifying  them and using them as objects for my own pleasure. I too have evaded  responsibility from some of the stupid actions I’ve taken. I too have  been a fool who plays with female emotion and led them on in order to  make me feel better about myself. And of all of this, I’m ashamed. But  every day, I take the decision to allow God to transform me into His  image, so that I can become a better man than I would ever be if left to  my own devices: a man that protects ladies and treats them as people  loved and cared for by God; a man that works hard; a man that walks with  integrity; a man that

Can the real men PLEASE stand up and can all those boys parading to be men sit down and grow up!

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