Got a big ego… such a big ego….

A few centuries ago, about 200 AD (or CE to be more culturally  relevant and not offend anyone by making references to J*s*s [censored  just in case someone gets awkward]), I started this blog. In my attempt  to sound deep, I said that everyone has their own microphone, and I’m  just trying to reach the world with my microphone.

One  of the worst mistakes I made when starting this blog is adding a Google  Analytics widget to the blog. With this widget, one can see how many  people have read your blog on which day, and which country they come  from, and how long they stay on, and if they wipe with the left hand or  right hand during a post-intake, and a whole lot of useless information  that doesn’t really make a difference in my life. Or at least for the  most of my life.

You see, at a certain point, it  stopped really being about writing because it’s what I enjoy doing (and  it’s actually something I really really do enjoy doing), and it started  becoming about my ego (and while writing this, I can’t get that Beyonce  song out of my head: “Too BEEEG… too WIIIIDE…. tooo STRRROOONG… wont  FIT).

Problem when you start doing things for your ego  is that a lot of what you do starts becoming defined by others, and what  others think, and how others react, and your life starts becoming a  Shakespearan drama which you hope people are watching but most people  don’t really care about. Found that I started doing things so that  people can say “oh, this guy is just so cool, he reminds me of  Superman!” and then I may feel validated.

Normally,  people don’t express their nonsense thoughts inside, but it actually  came out in a Facebook status I put which said “I kinda feel sorry for  people who put up deep quotes and verses as statuses and no1 even likes  it”. Problem is when you start validating yourself by something, you  start validating others by that very same thing. The things that you  define yourself by will be the measures used to define others. And  that’s wrong. Firstly, because all men were created in G*d’s image, and  only He defines a person. Secondly because likes and comments on a  Facebook status, or retweets on Twitter, is actually a stupid idiotic  way to validate myself and other people.

So this serves  firstly as a public apology to anyone who might have been offended by  that status. Secondly, as a point to think about for people who validate  themselves and others by similar stupid measures (including money,  school grades, vocational success or the size of their big toe).  Thirdly, this serves as an absolute waste of time to those who don’t fit  into the first two categories. Haha. Made you look.

*Scriptural  references removed in an effort to promote inclusiveness, tree-hugging,  and a general all-round love for fluffy bunnies.

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