Age is nothing but a number

So last week Wednesday was my birthday. Not really entertaining. I  don’t really celebrate birthdays. It’s just too much admin trying to  determine who you want to get angry with you because you didn’t invite  them. The last time I celebrated was when I was 7 and that’s because my  parents are the ones who drew up the guestlist.

The  older I get, the more I forget my age. Especially because I tend to  socialise with people from a whole range of ages who I relate with.  Sometimes we feel intimidated by those older than us, and look down on  those younger than us. But I’ve found something to be true: I have a lot  to learn from people younger than me, and people who are older than me  actually have a lot to learn from me.

Like on my  birthday, I was speaking to a something-teen someone, and I asked her what the last thing that made her feel good about herself was. And she  said it was when she did something nice for someone else. This is how  she said it:

“It’s like when you have a friend who  has a mug from Amsterdam. Your friend really likes this mug, but one day  this mug breaks. So one day, when you’re in Amsterdam you see a mug  just like your friend’s mug, and you get it for your friend. Well that’s  kinda what I did”

Made me realise something: when  you do something nice for someone else, it actually makes you feel good  about yourself. Whenever you do the right thing, you actually get this  warm and fuzzy feeling in the center of your thoracic cavity which wouldn’t have been there if you hadn’t done that (yes, I did get an A  for bio in matric).

So today, I want to do something  nice for someone too. I know only like 2.34 people read my blog, but it  would be amazing if those 2.34 people also read the blog of a good  friend of mine. You can find the blog at:

She’s actually deep. Go on, take a look at it, and do something nice for someone else, because you’re awesome, an absolute legend!

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