Sorry I’m a champion

As mentioned in an earlier posts, I’ve taken a few dabs at mainstream  hip hop. It was one of my useless attempts to get my social acceptance  certificate. From what I’ve heard, Jay-Z is the king of rap (forgive me  if I use the terms rap and hip hop interchangeably; I actually don’t  know the difference). In his song in Blueprint 3, the one in which the  chorus goes “Everyday a star is born (clap for ‘em, clap for ‘em, clap  for ‘em, hey)” (I’m not sure what the name of the song is), he mentions  all that’s been big in mainstream rap over the past few years, but still  alludes to the fact that he trumps over them all. In a song in one of  his previous albums, Lost One, he apologises for being a champion. I’m  not really sure what the song is actually about. He talks about how hard  it is being famous, how hard it is being with Beyonce, how hard it is  with his nephew’s death, but then he apologises for being great, for  being a champion.

I’m not  sure about everyone else, but I think I’m a champion, and I’m not  ashamed to say it. Actually, I know I’m an absolute legend. Most people  say this is arrogance, this is vanity, and I need to be humbled, but I  disagree. Speaking truth about myself isn’t vanity, it’s just truth.  It’s like saying I’m black, or I was born in Uganda. Not vanity, or  arrogance, just truth.

Let me explain my logic. God is  massive. God is huge. God is so massive that our imagination can’t even  begin to fathom his massiveness, and his infinite beauty. And I was made  in the image of this God. So then, aren’t I too somewhat amazing? God  is also infinite in everything. So I know I’m a creative. I know I take  nice pictures with my camera. I know I’m funny. I know I’m smart. And I  know a whole lot of good things about myself. And I know that all this  is from God because he has all of this in him. So my amazingness isn’t  anything to do with me, but everything to do with God. Because I was  created in His image, I too am amazing.

So often we get  caught up in what’s wrong with us, and what we need to improve, and why  we’re hopeless, and why Jacob Zuma’s head is so shiny, and why Barack  Obama secretly does the moonwalk in his underwear, that we forget how  absolutely amazing we are. And the beauty of it is you can’t look down  on anyone else because they too are absolutely amazing (this includes  contentious characters such as Fred Phelps and Eugene Terre’blance. The  worldwide council had a 3 day conference to decide if they qualified, so  this has been validated).

What things about you are absolutely amazing? What things about you are you thankful to God that you have?

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