So this morning, like every morning, my alarm went off at 05h30… This  morning, like every morning, I got up more than an hour after 05h30…  The reason for this? The snooze button. I’ve always wondered why this  button was actually created. Honestly, after snoozing for so long, and  having to press that button every 10 minutes, you wake up more irritated  and more angry with the world than if you had just left the warm  enclaves of your bed the first time it rang.

This  morning was an interesting one. I slept really early yesterday because  of a headache. I thought, yes, now I’ll be able to have a proper morning  devotional time. Now I’ll be ready to make myself that 3 course  breakfast that I’ve been planning to make for the past 3 years but never  made. Now I’ll be able to run that 10km route in the morning and get to  work with a big cheesy colgate smile on my face (note: I actually  stopped lying to myself about any form of exercise in the morning. It’s  for the specially gifted i.e. the insane)

But that  alarm rang, and I thought: hmm… in 10 more minutes I’ll get up. I just  need to get used to the fact that it’s morning (logic is illogical when  you’re waking up). Then 10 minutes came and I thought… let me just  switch on the light and wait 10 more minutes… And in my mind, there was  that oh so sexy voice that kept saying “Dude, its cold, stop being an  idiot and just stay in bed!” And as always, that oh so sexy voice won. I  eventually got out of bed and realised that it wasn’t actually cold at  all. In bed, I kept imagining the cold chill I’ll get as soon as I put  my foot out, but did it happen? NOOO

Got me thinking:  sometimes, we stay in our comfort zones because they are that –  comfortable. We don’t do something like getting out of bed and spending  time with our Maker, or exercising, or having a good breakfast, or  meeting someone new, or filling in that application, or taking up that  sport, or studying for that test because where we are is just so  comfortable. And that sexy voice just sounds so truthful. But why would  you stay where you are, when you clearly have something better in store?  That’s not contentment, its stagnation. As a friend of mine always  says: “You have to risk it to get the biscuit”

P.s. This is in no way a guarantee I’ll not snooze tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.

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