So now, we live in an area where the modern Church movement has created an opportunity for us to express our worship to Christ in a way which means more to us and which we are comfortable. Therefore, if we want to dance, we can dance. If we want to shout, we can shout. If we want to weep, we can weep. Through our worship to God, we get a revelation of who He is, and we often get moved  by this revelation.

By getting a revelation of who He is and becoming more aware of Him, we often find ourselves feeling that we are closer to Him. Feeling that He is the centre of our lives. Feeling that He is our real purpose for living. Question is, is he?

By  becoming more aware of his presence, our emotions are affected.  Too often though, we use our emotions as the determinant of the status of our relationship with God. If we can feel Him close, we draw the conclusion that our relationship with Him is tight. If we can’t really  feel Him, we draw the conclusion that we are going through a dry patch.

If He truly is the maker of the universe, the omnipotent One, and such an  amazing God, shouldn’t we know that He is the center of our life anyway,  even on a Thursday afternoon taking a walk down the road.  Or on a  Monday morning getting ready for the week ahead.  For the true  determinant of the status of our relationship with God is not if we feel  Him near, but on how dependant we are on Him.  If you are fully  dependant on Him on Monday, when preparing for the week or on Thursday  when walking down the road, then one can truly say that they have a tight relationship with Him.

For if we continue to be our own backbone, and if we keep on living our  lives self-sufficiently, then God is only our God when we’re looking for the warm and fuzzy feeling while attempting to worship a God we don’t know all too well. If He becomes our backbone, our support structure, our first point of call both when we are happy and sad, through the good  times and the average times and the terrible times, then we will truly  get to know Him intimately and our relationship with Him will move into a  level of depth not exprienced before.

Who is your backbone?

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