For who’s glory?

So now we live in this massive  universe created by God.  Everything created in this universe was  created through Him and for Him (Romans 11:36).  We are but miniscule  entities in this vast array of His glory.  Everything we see represents  His Glory.

Essentially, what this means is that in everything we do, we are either living up to our purpose or not. We are either glorifying Him or not.  If we are not  glorifying Him we are glorifying the idiot against Him.

In everything we do, we need to see who is being glorified. A popular discussed example is the music we listen to.  If the music we listen to  does not glorify Him and is against what He stands for, then who does it  glorify?  If we are living a life to build our own kingdom (e.g. pursue  fame, greatness, vast wealth, etc…) instead of building His Kingdom,  we are not glorifying Him, so who are we glorifying?

In all we do, let’s live lives to glorify Him and Him alone…

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