1 – and – 2 – and – 3 – and – 4 – and –

It’s a Tuesday evening, and I’ve spent most of it sitting at my  keyboard practicing for my piano lesson tomorrow. I’m a semi-beginner,  so at the moment, I don’t really hear the music, but hear myself  counting 1 – and – 2 – and 3 – and 4 for every bar. This doesn’t sound  good. When I listen Jamie Cullum play, I don’t think he is hearing 1 –  and – 2 – and 3 – and 4 – and – for every bar he plays. But at some  point in his life, I’m sure he did. And to be good, I first have to be  not so good. So here’s to a few more hours of 1 – and – 2 – and – 3  –  and – 4 – and –

*Life lesson: Brilliance takes hard  work. Nobody started perfect at anything. If you don’t start off by  making mistakes, you’ll never be brilliant. Ceylon tea goes well with  blog writing.

I Need A Doctor

Generally, I don’t get sick. Last weekend, I got sick. Runny tummy, weak, slept the whole day, bored.

While  one is sick, they tend to get deep. There is nothing better to do than  to think. And stare at the ceiling. And continue with that same lame  boring dream you had before that, and then think some more. In addition  to this, I went and read someone’s speech at Smuts Hall, UCT my former  residence for the Alumni dinner. I thought I was going to collapse on  stage. I didn’t. I like writing in short sentences. I’m  being melodramatic. I need a doctor. Like Eminem.

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The Hero Saving The World

Something I mentioned in one of my previous posts were my career  aspirations as a kid. I obviously went through the obvious boy fantasies  of being a policeman, a fireman, a warrior, and all of that, but from  the time I was about 9, I wanted to be Bill Gates.  Bill Gates was my  hero, this man who came and completely revolutionised the world, and the  world knows him as absolutely brilliant.

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2010 Thank You Note

So 2010 has been a long difficult awesome amazing wonderful  challenging boring exciting year, and there are so many people who have  contributed to this in my life. There are so many people to mention, and  I didn’t want to miss out on anybody, so I thought I’ll just mention  them by twitter username, and you can follow them and be play play  friends with them. If you’re not on Twitter, unfortunately I would love  to mention you, but the filter cut you out 😦

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Aluta Continua

From Nursery School to Sub A (or Grade 1 as it’s known now), I went  to school in a small private school in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  While each of us played on the playgrounds, the boys always used to  compete about something. Whatever it was, the boys were trying to show  off why they were better than the other kids in the playground.

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I Heart

In my opinion, there are 4 levels of friendships: intimate friends,  friends, acquaintances and randoms. It’s OK if each party knows where  the other party stands, but it gets a bit complicated when you’re both  on an acquaintance level, but both of you think that the other person  thinks that you’re intimate friends. There’s that awkwardness of  wondering whether you should talk to a person, wondering how much you  should share, wondering if you should pretend you need something in the  Outdoor Goods aisle in the supermarket even though you live in a flat  facing a brick wall on the 30th floor in the middle of Joburg CBD.

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Slow Superstardom

Confession, growing up, I always wanted to be a musician. Whatever  form that took, it’s just what I wanted to be. Bigger confession: at  first I wanted to be in a boyband. I mean, when girls watched them on  TV, they went crazy, and started screaming their names out loud saying:  JUSTIN! JC! LANCE! JOEY! CHRIS! WE LOVE YOU! (I didn’t just recite the  names of all members of ‘n sync from memory. No I didn’t. I said I  DIDN’T!). After that, wanted to be an R’nB superstar. After that I  wanted to be the illest MC from the east coast (I’m not really sure what  east coast and west coast is, but apparently they are important in hip  hop for reasons only known to Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, whatever  happened to them).

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