Abstracting the Database in Go

Go as a language is relatively young, compared to older and more ubiquitous languages such as Java, C#, Ruby and Python. The great thing about a new language is that developers aren’t bound to patterns of writing code that may have become entrenched in other languages due to the familiarity of the most common frameworks in those languages. For example, in a simple Java Spring Web application, one has the controllers, the JPA repositories, entities, and the if-else statements in between representing the application logic. The difficulty about a relatively new language is that there isn’t a commonly agreed upon way to do things, making everyone a potential proselyte, tossed back and forth between the waves of various newly evangelized dogma.

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Spring Field vs Setter vs Constructor Injection

Lately, I have been immersed in the world of Java and its various frameworks, tools and language features. I’ve also recently discovered that Java is not cool. I found myself at a gathering of developers some time ago, where they attempted to proselytise me into the ruby cult family. Unfortunately, since puberty, I have had trouble growing enough facial hair to be seen as ‘one of them’.

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