Top 5 Songs of 2010

So 2010 is over, and with every year, there are new songs, new  artists, new genres in music, and new everything. So below, you’ll find  my top 6 songs of 2010. Also, let me know of your top [insert arbitrary  number here] songs of 2010.

5. The Invasion (Hero) by Trip Lee feat. Jai.

I’ve  been a massive follower of Hip Hop with explicitly Christian content  for a while, but they’re videos have been, hmm. This track came out with  one of the best videos I had seen in a while, from any artist and any  genre. A bit hard hearing the words of the track, but the video is  absolutely AMAZING!

4. Fairytale by Liquid Deep

This song was just a hot feel good track. Too hot.

3. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

This  guy came out of nowhere, and started appearing on people’s tracks.  First time I heard him was when featuring on Nothing On You. When this  song came out, first reaction was WOW!. The last song I remember to have  the same instant effect was My Love by Justin Timberlake. Too hot

2. Background by Lecrae

When  I first bought the album, I wasn’t a huge fan of this track. It wasn’t  meant to be the first video of the song either. But its one of those  songs I’ve now played about 463 times and still have not got tired of  it. Feel good song, potent message, all the makings of a good song.

1. My top song of 2010: We Can Be More by Sho Baraka featuring J.R.

Like  I said, I’ve been a huge follower of Hip Hop with Christian content,  but sometimes found it lacking when I didn’t want to hear about words  like sanctification and propitiation, and just wanted to chill. This  came as a love song, first released on Valentines day. Heard the song,  bought the album, and been banging it in the car, at home, at work,  everywhere. Too Hot.

So your turn. What’s your favourite track of 2010?

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