Outsourcing life

In my first year of University, in the first semester, I was lectured  economics by this German guy. Honestly, to this day, he’s been one of  my best lecturer. He was a middle aged man, who had lame jokes, but  because of our respect for him (and most of us just came from high  school therefore sucking up seemed like an option), we laughed at his  jokes.

In the first few  weeks, he told us this economic theory that more people working results in specialisation, and each person does a task that they can be much  better in, instead of everyone doing the same task. Again, as a first  year student, I wasn’t really worried about the truthfulness of the  statement, because a statement from a lecturer was proxy for hearing the  audible voice of God.

Businesses have started doing  this. Companies focus on what they are good at, or their “core  competency” and allowing other companies to perform functions they are  not good at.

In personal lives people have started  doing the same. Instead of cleaning their own houses, people have  started hiring people to clean their homes. People have hired interior  decorators. People hire fashion designers. People hire people to take care of their children. And on. And on. And on.

This  makes us all have a unique fit in the world. It makes us shine where we can, and helps us allow others to shine where they can. It shows us how interdependent we are on this month.

But to what extent are we willing to outsource parts of our lives? Do we outsource the  search for truth and believe whatever we’re told? Do we outsource our values and morals, and conform to the values and morals of society? Do  we outsource raising children, and stop being the role models and guiding figures they need?

How far have you outsourced your life?

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