Changing The World

I have always been a person who wants to be a part of God’s shaping  of the continent of Africa.  Every part of me has wanted to play a role  in this.  The nations of Africa have been part of my desire.  In thinking of the career I would like to have, I always wanted something  with a largely African focus, because I have always seen myself as going  into Africa and changing it for God.

Something that  just clicked now is that Africa is made up of people.  Africa is not  some abstract term, or a set of political boundaries.  It’s a continent of people. Therefore, to change the continent, I realised that I have  to be part of the changing of individuals.  It’s easy to have a goal in plan about how you are going to change the continent, but if that goal  is not accompanied by some kind of strategy, that goal becomes  meaningless.  I can’t see the best way to change the continent than to direct the hearts of people towards God.

Discipleship  is the number 1 strategy needed to change this continent.  A generation of leaders in the arts, media, business, engineering, politics, etc. needs to be developed so that God’s kingdom can infiltrate every sector  of society. Each Christian needs to be a disciple-making disciple (as  Frans Olivier always says). This way, we will develop the Christian  capacity the continent needs take it beyond the stigma of poverty, aid  and corruption.

This means that changing this continent can start right now.  I’m in the University of Cape Town with a diverse  array of people from all sorts of countries ranging from Egypt to Namibia to Nigeria to Burundi.  These people are going to go back to  their countries and become people of influence. If their hearts are  changed toward God now, they will bring God’s kingdom in the area they  are going into back in their home country.  And they too will raise  leaders so that there is a future generation to continue the good work.

Let us be a people who focus on raising up disciples to carry God’s cross across the continent.

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