2010 Thank You Note

So 2010 has been a long difficult awesome amazing wonderful  challenging boring exciting year, and there are so many people who have  contributed to this in my life. There are so many people to mention, and  I didn’t want to miss out on anybody, so I thought I’ll just mention  them by twitter username, and you can follow them and be play play  friends with them. If you’re not on Twitter, unfortunately I would love  to mention you, but the filter cut you out 😦

First  and foremost, the BIGGEST one to the one and only @sisandat . Most of  the positive adjectives used above can be attributed to her. She’s  absolutely amazing! Anymore on this matter will amount to PDA. and  according to a verse in Numbers, that’s forbidden..

Thank  you to @Jono_Spencer for being such an amazing friend and giving me a  glimpse of the person I want to be. This guy has an amazing heart for  people, for Africa and for adventure. He also loves breaking out into  long soliloquies about anything and everything, therefore is best  enjoyed over a cup of tea :). Honestly, when I was praying for a boet  coming to Joburg and not having soldiers around me, this man was God  sent.

The next few people aren’t in any particular order. Just went to the list of the people I’m following and picked out a few.

Thanks  to @jsomethingmusic for that night at Galaxy. Again, at the beginning  of the year, when I didn’t really know anyone in town, he provided much  entertainment by being hit on by 50 year old men.Uyatshisa mfondini

Thanks  to @MRatshikuni for introducing me to Kitchen Bar at Dezign Quarter,  now my favourite restaurant in Johannesburg. In addition to this, for  the discussions about politics, philosophy, religion, and the  establishment of Feint & Margin. This was your brainchild, and has  potential for massive things.

Thanks to @emilesilvis  for allowing me to practice my long forgotten Afrikaans. This is a  quality intelligent guy who’s gonna make it big. Baie dankie vir jou  vriendskap en groot brein. Jy weet iets oor alles.

Thanks  to @lindseyberry, first and foremost for being the inspiration behind  this idea. Lindsey’s twitter theory is that each person you follow on  Twitter gives you information, links and data about the world that  they’re interested, giving you a holistic view of the world. It  completely justified my twitter addiction and my hours lost in  productivity because of it. Thanks for being a true friend, my friend  (you normally end every line with “my friend”). Thanks for the ride to  Welkom.Thanks also for making me feel like my workplace was so boring  cause we didn’t have pinata’s which we occasionally played with.

Thanks  to @androohunter for the encouraging phone calls, and listening to my  plans for 2011. Those phone calls really put perspective back in my  head, and recharged my often discouraged self. Also, thank you for  making it possible for me to listen to Baxter sermons ever since the new  website came out. At least now I know what people are talking about on  the Facebook and Twitter updates.

Thanks to  @fransolivier for listening to my whining about my life. Also, thanks  for being an amazing inspiration to me. You’re truly one of my role  models, by just being you. Also, thanks for the Christmas card, it’s  actually the first Christmas card I’ve ever received in my life.

Thanks  to @jessicastanier for commenting and tweeting about my blog posts.  Honestly, sometimes I think that I’m writing to some random internet  geek in Cambodia who’s stalking dark handsome men in Africa, so  sometimes it’s awesome to know that people I know are actually reading  what I write.

Thanks to @mphosbl for being one of the  friendliest guys I know. Honestly, at the beginning of the year, I was  actually really getting over people, but you are one of the people who  “touched my heart” (I’m not entirely sure what that phrase means, but I  think it encompasses what I want to say).

Thanks to @jidepariola for providing endless entertainment with your pointless debates with @MRatshikuni on Twitter.

Thanks  to @simonlerefolo for your amazing advice with regards for my plan for  next year. It was awesome that you took time out to have coffee with me,  listen to me, and provide guidance and counsel. Honestly, the love you  showed then was one of the biggest life impacting moments I’ve had.  Thanks Moroti.

Thanks to @Dorian_Wrigley for asking the difficult questions and challenging me. It was highly appreciated.

Thanks to @WinileNzalo for writing an article about me, and renaming me to Sam. I was entertained.

Thanks  to @SeerEye10.  You’re actually one of the most entertaining people I  know. Thank you for the coffees and dinners at your place. Thank you for  making Parkhurst a real home for me.

Thanks to  @kaliilunga for listening to me in my confusion, providing awesome  guidance, and telling your story about how people with iPhones are the  most social people about 39 times 😀

Thanks to  @RefilweModise for the photography at the Voortrekker monument. That was  actually one of the greatest times I’ve had throughout the year.

Thank  you @DrewFalk. Dude, you’re a breath of fresh air. At the end of every  boring, tiring week, you are exactly what I needed. Thanks for being a  true true friend who cares about people from the deepest section of your  thoracic cavity. You’re actually an amazing inspiration to me and to so  many people I know.

Thanks to @marktittley for wow,  EVERYTHING! You may not know it, but you provided an image of the man I  want to become. You’re authentically funny, deep, random cool, AND YOU  LISTEN TO HIP HOP! I have mad respect for you.

Thanks to @chengisto for the daily gtalk chats, catch ups, and being someone I could share my latest discovery with 🙂

Thanks  to @Vuyo_L for being one of the only people I knew here and providing  that companionship, and being a true friend. Thanks also for providing  accommodation for @sistandat 😉

Thank you @MaTayda for  your everything. You’re one of the only people I know who has the same  passion for music, for media, and for transforming media and pointing  people to God through it.

Thank you @Johenius. Before I  had a definition of cool, and nowhere was it linked to Geek. @Johenius  completely broke this paradigm. This is the coolest geek I know. Thank  you for the coffees, for being an ear to listen to, for re-igniting my  passion for programming and development. It’s because of you that I’ve  steered my life in the new direction.

Thanks to  @Mr_Miggz for providing accommodation when I was in Cape Town 🙂 Chap,  thanks for your friendship, your companionship for the trip to rural  KZN, and for making feel I’m missing out by not l*****g.

There are many more people to thank, and if I missed you out and you’re sad about it, really, build a bridge and get over it.

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