Commenting Code

I have never had a ‘standard’ in mind on commenting code. There are principles that one should think of, such as method names should be descriptive enough that comments don’t necessarily have to repeat what method names communicate.

I found this great post by Eric Lippert. There are a few things I like about what he did:

  1. One knows the reason for a method. It doesn’t exist arbitrarily. It links to functionality that should exist as defined by the spec.
  2. Promotes single responsibility principle, because a method should only do one thing, and exist for the purpose of doing that thing.
  3. It just makes someone’s code more understandable for when a new person gets on board. Better communication. This is good.

Early Thoughts on iOS Development

Recently, I started developing iOS applications for work. It’s an interesting experience, especially because I once vowed never to do iOS development due to my love-hate relationship with Apple. But the opportunity came up, and the diversity of experience can only be good experience. So here are my thoughts on the past few weeks:



A few years ago, my goal was to be the best software developer ever. Over time, that didn’t go away, but I realised that best is an almost impossible tasks, as there are many different kinds of good.


Why Microsoft #1

I was never into movies for a large part of my life. The idea of sitting in front of a screen for more than an hour didn’t seem to make me jump. This was until I came across a film student who was discussing an assignment of theirs. The purpose of the assignment was to deconstruct a movie, from the lighting, to the colouring, to the character development, to the plot, to the climax, to the closing, to the music and all other elements that people more deep than me can think of.


Hello world!

My name is Patrick Kuteesa Kayongo. I am a software developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Thought I’d create this blog to write down what I’m thinking, and what I’m learning. Enjoy it.

Artistic Roadmaps

A few months ago, I decided to start a little after-hours for fun  project. I decided that I want to do this in Java, so opened up Eclipse,  started creating classes, methods, tests, etc, and hoped that  everything I did would eventually work up to something absolutely  beautiful. Few weeks later of this, I got stuck, and I get over it.